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Is PRIVACY the ultimate luxury?

This UNIQUE HOME FOR SALE has the answer to that question.

Below are just a few images of our property and wildlife friends.

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Privacy is the ultimate luxury.


Home looking south



Koala awake!


Mum & Joey kissing


Our dining companions


Our water view


Red Necked Wallaby and Joey

Suburb = Burbank 
City = Brisbane 
State = Queensland 
Postcode = 4156 


Home for sale in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Friendly wildlife, water views, seclusion, PRIVACY, tranquility – and just 22 minutes from downtown Brisbane.

Here’s a question for you: is PRIVACY the ultimate luxury?

If you answered yes to that question, then we believe that you will be interested in buying our unique, private home.

So please read below (and through the rest of the site) for more information. You might also like to look at the property via some of our PHOTOS.

If you want gold plated taps, or bathrooms of imported Italian marble, we didn’t build those in. So if you want those in a home, you might as well stop reading now.

The luxury of this property lies in its privacy, security, tranquillity, seclusion, and healthy location within nature – topped off by its incomparable closeness to all the attractions of Brisbane City.

Most Australian houses are clustered in high density suburbs – but not our home. Our nearest neighbour is 400 metres away, and the next is 800 metres away – as is the road.

There’s nothing ‘high density’ about our property – except for the trees.

The very first image of our home on this site, sitting amongst the trees, at the very top of this page, shows/says it all.

So if you’re sick of the next door neighbours porsche/lawnmower/kids/parties/existence! – then you may wish to seriously consider buying our home and property.

So how much would it be worth to you, to have:

  • complete and total privacy
  • excellent security
  • trees surrounding you on all sides
  • water views (that can never be blocked or built out)
  • visits by friendly Australian wildlife on a daily basis

In a special place where you can really LIVE, love, laugh, sleep, dream and grow. Within a secure, safe haven; both for you and for our unique wildlife – where our animal friends are equally respected, nurtured and protected. Land for wildlife; a haven for them, and a sanctuary for you. Our home for sale offers you both.

So how much would it be worth to you and your loved ones; to enter this special place through your front gate every night, and leave the rest of the world behind you?

  • No neighbours
  • No noise
  • No cars
  • No roads
  • No pollution
  • No other buildings in view

…and amazingly be just 22 minutes from downtown Brisbane; Australia’s third largest city of over two million people.

And just 12 minutes from Queensland’s second largest shopping mall.


How much would it be worth to you to sit back on your deck every evening at twilight, and watch the skycolours on the pristine lake softly change with the sunset?

  • To wake each morning with birdsong
  • To have some rare wildflowers (that are endangered elsewhere in the state) growing in your own natural bush ‘garden’
  • To have Wallabies on your lawn eat their dinner with you

And how much would it be worth to you to be able to:

  • walk 300 metres to your own water playground
  • have a relaxing swim in your 1,000 acre sized (self-cleaning) pool
  • watch Black Swans, Pelicans, and Turtles go by
  • view a mountain
  • meander along your private walking trails to breathtaking views
  • see a variety of native plants; not only on walks but also through your windows
  • marvel at a glorious sighting of the shy Koala

- all on your own property!

How much would that be worth to anyone?

How much would it be worth to you to be able to do all of this – and be situated perfectly between Brisbane city, the domestic and international airports, the beaches of the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, and all our surrounding attractions?

To find anything at all like this in either Sydney or Melbourne, you’d have to travel for 2 or 3 hours from their downtown areas – and you would then be very isolated.

Driving (at the speed limit) I can be in Brisbane downtown in 22 minutes.

Seclusion without isolationhow much is that worth?

This is a unique ‘remove yourself from the rest of the world’ home, or sanctuary if you like, and as such, is (almost) priceless. 


To see our price, please go to our next page by clicking on this link: luxury properties for comparative guidelines and our selling figure.  


If you are a not an Australian citizen, then buying Australian real estate requires going through a standard, and simple, Australian government approval process. This process is run by the Foreign Investment Review Board and usually takes less than 30 days to be completed. When you wish to purchase our property we can advise and assist you with this.

Till then, we hope you fare well….